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Limited Edition

Medicom Toy Bearbrick Pennywise Figurine – Size Version 400%

Medicom Toy
About Medicom Toy Bearbrick Pennywise Figurine – Size Version 400%

The Japanese collectible toy manufacturer, Medicom Toy collaborates to release this exclusive Medicom Toy Bearbrick Figurine available in the size version 400%. This Bearbrick features the iconic clown character part of Stephen King's notorious horror novel, "It" first published in 1986. King's horror novel was first made into a Television series in 1990 and again in 1998. In 2017, King's horror film was made into a movie where the character Pennywise was performed by the actor Bill Skarsgård, who will also perform the same character for the sequel movie "It Chapter Two" scheduled to be released on September 2019. In the novel, "It" is an Alien that can shape shift and change forms. "Pennywise, the Clown" is It's most used form. After arriving on Earth, It would sleep for approximately 27 to 30 years at a time, then awaken to wreak chaos and feed. It prefers the taste of fear. It is able to take many more forms than shown in the film adaptations, including werewolves, bats, leeches, and sharks, embodying any of a child's worst fears to break them down. It has the ability to control the minds and actions of people with weaker wills and make them indifferent to the terrible events that unfolded before their eyes. King comments on his inspiration on Pennywise the Clown, “...I chose Pennywise the Clown as the face which the monster originally shows the kiddies because kids love clowns, but they also fear them; clowns with their white faces and red lips are so different and so grotesque compared to ‘normal’ people...Take a little kid to the circus and show him a clown, he’s more apt to scream with fear than laugh.” During the 2016 clown sightings in several states across the united states, many attempted to link King's Pennywise the clown character as the source of inspiration for individuals dressing up as evil clowns. King responded to this by stating that "I suspect it’s a kind of low-level hysteria, like Slender Man, or the so-called Bunny Man, who purportedly lurked in Fairfax County, Virginia, wearing a white hood with long ears and attacking people with a hatchet or an axe...The clown furor will pass, as these things do, but it will come back, because under the right circumstances, clowns really can be terrifying.” More details on Medicom Toy Pennywise Figurine – Size Version 400%:

  • Dimensions (size version 400%): 5″ x 4″ x 11.08″ inches.
  • Weight. 2.5 lbs
  • Material: Vinyl
  • BE@RBRICK TM & (C) 2001-2019
  • MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.
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