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Eero Aarnio - Miniature - Ball Chair (1970)

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The Ball Chair is also known as the globe chair and is famous for its unconventional shape. It is considered a classic of industrial design. One of the most remarkable chairs in the furniture history of the 20th century. It is a room within a room with a cozy and calm atmosphere, protecting its inhabitant from outside noises and giving a private space for one to unwind.

With its simple, striking shape and its bright colors it is a typical symbol of the optimistic, consumer-oriented popular culture of the 1960s. Equally apparent is an unconcealed enthusiasm for the technical which also typifies the era: its exposed plastic which allowed even complex shapes to be produced in series relatively easily, at the time something completely new, and its dynamic shape, reminiscent of a space capsule. The idea of this kind of mobile capsule allowing people to sit where they want within the house also anticipates the kind of living concepts discussed in the 1970s for a young, liberal society. On the outside, this gleaming, polished sphere seems cold and futuristic, but its inside reveals a space where users can feel cozy and protected. It is something between a piece of furniture and a piece of architecture and at the same time embodies both the mobile and the established, the fixed.

This Vitra collectible miniature design chair is constructed to the exact specifications of the original, right down to the last detail.Because each miniature modern chair is so true to the original, the miniature chair is not only a valuable collector "item or decorative item, but also an ideal illustrative material for universities, colleges of design and architects. The Vitra miniatures collection presents the most important classics of modern furniture history in miniature scale.

Technical Specifications

• Dimensions: 8.25"H x 7.5"W x 6.75"D
• Scale 1:6
• Material: white fiberglass, aluminium, red upholstery
• Manufacturer of the full-scale 1:1 model: since 1990 Adelta, Dinslaken/ Germany
• Ships in a small wooden Vitra box which is perfect for storage or display


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