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Frida Kahlo engraved heart - business card case

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About the engraved heart business card case

Frida Kahlo's "Heart" Business Card Case in gold is engraved with iconic Heart design by Frida Kahlo. The engraved heart is acid-etched into brass and comes in a black sleeve. In addition, our Frida Kahlo's engraved heart business card case is as well a perfect gift for special events as a unique gift for Frida's art lovers. Besides, it is especially relevant to protect business people cards. Learn more in details about the engraved heart card holder:

Technical Specifications

  • has a mirror finish inside
  • has Frida Kahlo's heart etched into the lid
  • can hold standard business card (dimensions: 3.5 x 2)
  • can hold about 12 business cards
  • comes in a black sleeve
  • comes with information on artist Frida Kahlo

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wipe clean with a soft cloth.

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Frida Kahlo was an inspiration to a nation in a time that Mexican identity was beginning to come into its own. Frida was both a perpetual feminist icon and a monument to Latin American literature. The bulk of her work, while highly personal, also found within it a voice that spoke to an entire nation. She will always remain for her signature style and the unflinching truth conveyed by her images. Pieces of Frida Kahlo, such as The Frame illustrate how personal and important her artwork was in shaping her life. By allowing herself an outlet for her vast interior life, she brought a simple, unadulterated beauty to the real world. Often thought of like a surrealist, she would deny the title, claiming that, unlike dreamlike and subconscious imagery the Surrealists dealt with, her imagery was taken from her own life. Phenomenal talent and a highly individualistic and introspective person, Kahlo will always remain for her honesty and her deeply personal works. Kahlo inspired a nation and countless artists.


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