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Jean-Michel Basquiat - "Pez Dispenser" - Dad Cap

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Introducing an exceptional 100% cotton twill dad cap that proudly showcases Basquiat's iconic Pez Dispenser artwork, meticulously embroidered onto the front of the hat. This cap also features a convenient buckle strap, allowing you to effortlessly achieve the perfect fit.

About the artwork: Basquiat's artistic genius often draws inspiration from popular culture and cherished memories from his childhood. This particular image portrays a captivating dinosaur figure, adorned with Basquiat's signature crown symbol. The title, Pez Dispenser, alludes to the renowned candy company Pez, known for their delightful dispensers shaped like beloved characters from popular culture.

By incorporating the Pez Dispenser artwork onto this dad cap, we pay homage to Basquiat's ability to infuse his art with nostalgia and references to the cultural icons that shaped his world. The intricate embroidery captures the essence of Basquiat's unique style, making this cap a true statement piece.

Crafted from premium cotton twill, this cap ensures both comfort and durability. The buckle strap allows for a customizable fit, ensuring that it sits just right on your head. Whether you wear it as a fashion-forward accessory or as a testament to your appreciation for Basquiat's artistic brilliance, this dad cap is a must-have addition to your collection.

Embrace the spirit of Basquiat's creativity and celebrate the fusion of art and popular culture with this remarkable Pez Dispenser dad cap.

Pez Dispenser, 1984

© Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Licensed by Artestar, New York

Technical Specifications

  • 100% cotton twill
  • One Size, with Buckle Strap
  • Made in China


Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of the best known artists of his generation and is widely considered one of the most important artists of the 20th century. His career in art spanned the late 1970s through the 1980s until his death in 1988, at the age of 27. Basquiat works are edgy and raw, and through a bold sense of color and composition, he maintains a fine balance between seemingly contradictory forces such as control and spontaneity, menace and wit, urban imagery and primitivism. The Basquiat brand embodies the values and aspirations of young, international urban culture.
The conjunction of various media is an integral element of Basquiat's art. His paintings are typically covered with text and codes of all kinds: words, letters, numerals, pictograms, logos, map symbols, diagrams and more, and featured multi-panel paintings and individual canvases with exposed stretcher bars, the surface dense with writing, collage and imagery.
Photo Credits: Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1982 - Andy Warhol © The Andy Warhol Foundation


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