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Gustav Klimt was a controversial Austrian symbolist painter during his time. Klimt’s main subject in his work was the female body and the beauty of femininity. Art community heavily criticized his art for being too sensual and erotic. Today, they’ve proven to be some of the most memorable paintings ever to emerge from the Vienna Secession movement. He furthered and advocated for the Art Nouveau movement (also known as Jugendstil in Germany). Eventually, he remains one of the most talented decorative painters of the 20th century. Klimt’s “Golden Phase” is quite possibly his most widely recognized period of art. This period emerged following positive reactions to his work and some financial success. The Golden Phase period included a large variety of paintings created with gold leaf in their production. Many of his works during this time, were very popular due to, in part, this utilization of gold with paint. While Klimt never saw much merit or fame from his work during his life, he has reached immortality in death and has greatly influenced the art community after his passing. Musart is proud to showcase the work of such a genius pioneer, who was incredibly important to the ongoing conversation of the art community as a whole.

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Artist full name:

Gustav Klimt



Date of birth - Date of death:

July 14, 1862 - February 6, 1918

Art movements:

Art Nouveau, Modern Art, Symbolism, Vienna Secession

Related artists:

Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, Koloman Moser, Max Kurzweil, Richard Gerstl

Main works:

The Expectation, The Fulfillment, The Kiss, Danaë

Related categories:

Bags, Masks, Pins, Pouches, Figurines, Sculptures, Skateboards, Art books Patches, Boxes, Candles, Clocks, Coffee & Tea, Drinkware, Games, Magnets, Mirrors, Pillows, Tableware, Vases, Cards, Notebooks, Paperweights, Stickers