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Da Vinci Girl Dress - Musart Boutique Exclusive - Mona Lisa

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About Da Vinci Girl Dress - Musart Boutique Exclusive - Mona Lisa

Part of Musart Boutique's original collection comes this exclusive Mona Lisa girl dress. Our organic garments have undergone a special process resulting in color variations adding to the unique characteristics of each piece. Print placement also varies due to the handmade nature of our styles and Zero-Waste design approach.

This exclusive Musart Boutique Leonardo da Vinci romper features the timeless masterwork of the Italian High-Renaissance master’s Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, also known as the Mona Lisa (1503).Currently located at the Musée du Louvre in Paris, Leonardo’s Mona Lisa is the world’s most famous portrait and one of the History of Art’s most popular works, identified by the art historian Giorgio Vasari as Lisa di Antonio Maria Gherardini, wife of a wealthy Florentine merchant, Francesco del Giocondo. The uniqueness of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa resides in the lack of jewelry or lavish attributes that would identify the sitter as an aristocratic woman. Although Renaissance etiquette dictated women must never look directly into a man’s eye, Leonardo masterfully empowers the sitter with a self-assuring gaze immediately directed at the viewer. The Mona Lisa is represented sitting at a logia, in front of a mysterious uninhabited landscape through which the viewer evidences Leonardo’s fascination with atmospheric perspective and his traditional use of sfumato which influenced artists for ages to come. 

Technical Specifications

  • GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, low-impact dyes.
  • Fibre-reactive dyes for color brilliance.
  • Sweatshop-free and no child labour.
  • Safe conditions and living wages paid.
  • Onsite treatment and reuse of wastewater.
  • Zero-waste approach to design.
  • Supply chain transparency.
Da Vinci

Da Vinci

Born close to the small town of Vinci in the Tuscan, Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) trained in the studio of Andrea del Verrocchio. The quintessential “Renaissance man,” Leonardo possessed unequaled talent and imagination. Although Leonardo is famous for painting some of the most iconic artworks; art was but one of his innumerable interests. His unquenchable curiosity is evident in the voluminous notes he interspersed with sketches in his notebooks. He dealt with botany, geology, geography, cartography, zoology, military engineering, anatomy, and aspects of physical science, including hydraulics and mechanics. Da Vinci stated repeatedly that his scientific investigations made him a better painter, and indeed this was the case. His studies in optics provided him with a deeper understanding of perspective, light, and color. As a true artist-scientist, the world considers most of his drawings as artworks. Eventually, the notorious study of the human proportions, in his drawing The Vitruvian Man is one of his most famous masterpieces.


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