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Musart Exclusive Sweatshirt - Kiss My Art - Hokusai (M)

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About Musart Exclusive Sweatshirt - Kiss My Art - Hokusai (M)

Musart Boutique is proud to present our exclusive original collection Kiss My Art featuring a limited edition of sweatshirts displaying art timeless masterpieces which bridge the traditional history of art and contemporary apparel at an accessible prices. Part of Musart Boutique’s original collection Kiss My Art comes this Hokusai inspired hoodie representing the artist's most famous painting: The Wave of Kanagawa.

The Wave off Kanagawa is part of a series of prints titled Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji, which Hokusai made between 1830 and 1833. It is a polychrome (multi-colored) woodblock print, made of ink and color on paper that is approximately 10 x 14 inches. All of the images in the series feature a glimpse of the mountain, but as you can see from this example, Mount Fuji does not always dominate the frame. Instead, here, the foreground is filled with a massive cresting wave. The threatening wave is pictured just moments before crashing down on to three fishing boats below. Under the Wave off Kanagawa is full of visual play. The mountain, made tiny by the use of perspective, appears as if it too will be swallowed up by the wave. Hokusai’s optical play can also be lighthearted, and the spray from top of the crashing wave looks like snow falling on the mountain. In this pillow you can admire one of Hokusai's most acclaimed work: The Great Wave of Kanagawa. Hokusai has arranged the composition to frame Mount Fuji. The curves of the wave and hull of one boat dip down just low enough to allow the base of Mount Fuji to be visible, and the white top of the great wave creates a diagonal line that leads the viewers eye directly to the peak of the mountain top. More details on Musart Exclusive Sweatshirt - Kiss My Art - Hokusai (M):

Technical Specifications

  • Kiss My art, Hokusai The Wave of Kanagawa.
  • Material: 60% cotton 40% polyester .
  • Hokusai


    Hokusai was a Japanese artist, who was actually known by at least 30 different names throughout his lifetime. This was relatively common in his culture, although his names in particular directly related to his artistic production and style. He is most notable for his Ukiyo-e woodblock prints and extended his cultural reach worldwide in his time. Although he studied art since a very young age, his greatest work occurred after the age of 60. He is famous for his woodblock print series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, which consists of 46 prints. This series included The Great Wave print, which earned him fame both in Japan and overseas. His work influenced 19th century Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, and even the larger Impressionist movement. Not only this, but he could also be considered the “founding father” of the modern Manga movement, which is still a vibrant and healthy genre to this day. Browse the Hokusai art selection Musart Boutique enlightens on precious porcelain or other high-crafted ornaments.


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