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Pop-Up Bouquet - Irises - Today Is Art Day

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About Pop-Up Bouquet - Irises - Today Is Art Day

Give flowers that will make an impression!

Inspired by Vincent van Gogh's iconic Irises, this unique pop-up bouquet will light up the day of anyone who receives it!

How does it work?

Technical Specifications

  • The bouquet lays flat in the original envelope.
  • Gently push on the sides to pop the bouquet open.
  • Lock the vase in place by inserting a small piece of cardboard at the bottom.
  • Voilà! Your vase is ready to display!

No cutting, no gluing, no folding. We promise!

What about the envelope?

The packaging of the bouquet is also your envelope. Turn the packaging inside to use as an envelope for your paper bouquet. Adhesive strips are already in place to make it easy for you.

Your bouquet will fit right in.

Can I write something?

Of course! We added a detachable note card behind the bouquet so you can write a note to the lucky person who receives it.

Let this person know how special he/she is to you!

10" x 9"
25 cm x 23 cm

Van Gogh

Van Gogh

Van Gogh was a master painter who strongly influenced the abstract and Neo-expressionist who came after him. Originating from the Netherlands, he discovered Impressionist art while living in Paris and started to use the color and light. His work is well known for its beauty, emotion, and color, as well as its interesting viewpoints of mundane objects. Despite being extremely poor and generally unknown throughout his lifetime, Van Gogh is now one of the greatest Dutch painters.  He lived a life with emotional tension and madness, and he created his finest piece, Starry Night, inside an institution. Although the specter of mental illness haunted him throughout his adult life and created a habit of inflicting self-harm (such as the infamous severed ear), his work remained a testament to his genius. Van Gogh died at the age of only 37, due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His brother Theo would go on to distribute his work and cultivate his popularity.


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Van Gogh