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The Skateroom x JR - Skateboard 28 Millimètres



Bringing together tradition and contemporary culture, this Skateroom Skateboard features the French artist JR's work 28 Millimètres. ‘28MM, Women are Heroes, Action in Kibera Slum, Into the Wild, Kenya, 2009' is a project launched by JR to tell the stories of those who are often the first to be harmed in situations of conflict: Women. By revealing the unspoken grief of these unsung heroes, JR explores the commonalities that exist in their gaze, and ultimately seeks to discover what unifies us all: Humanity. Despite the harshness they have endured, he exposes the light and hope that still exists within them. With this responsibly-made deck, The Skateroom creates a highly impactful wall display, with the option to take it out for a ride.

This exclusive and limited edition of 500 skate deck made in collaboration between The Skateroom and JR mix the energies of underground culture and legendary artists. The Skateroom is a platform for promoting, selling and producing art on skateboards that supports youth-empowering organizations. More details on The Skateroom x JR - Skateboard 28 Millimètres:

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 31″ H x 8″ W
  • Material: 7-ply Canadian Maple Wood
  • Top-print includes printed artist studio stamp
  • Each deck comes with a fixture – ready to be mounted on your wall
  • Wheels and trucks are not included
  • Designed by The Skateroom in collaboration with the Musée du Louvre
  • Limited Edition of 500


From the streets of Cartagena to Shanghai, the French artist JR can very well be the greatest addition to the urban world of art. Pushing boundaries with his universal statements, his monumental portraits express the human side of social issues and tell the stories of everyday people. Creating large-scale public photography projects in cities around the world that address local political conflicts, JR has in recent years become one of the most visible contemporary artists on the international stage.


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