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Limited Edition

Whatshisname Humpek - Red 26" - XL - Limited Edition of 9

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The London-based designer (Sebastian Burdon) Whatshisname produces another playful and steamy Humpek. This exclusive Whatshisname Humpek Red sculpture features whatshisname's iconic playful balloon dogs, now with a sexy partner to spice up any art lover's collection or home. Whatshisname's Humpek sculpture reflects the playful, familiar, yet extraordinary character inherited by the pop art movement in the history of art. The artist reflects on his artwork Humpek, the purpose of aiming to stimulate inspiration, evoking a sense of wonder while unleashing creativity in the spectators. Furthermore, it attempts to stray away from the boredom brought by the monotony of everyday life by refreshing the viewer’s mind through the smiles brought by the Balloon Dog couple Humpek’s playful and vibrant aesthetic. More details on Whatshisname Humpek - Red - Limited Edition:

Technical Specifications

  • Materials: Fiberglass.
  • Color: Red, Glossy Finish.
  • Care Instructions: Dust cloth.
  • Limited Edition
  • Whatshisname


    The artist behind Whatshisname, Sebastian Burdon, was born in 1982 in Eastern Poland. He is living and working today in London, UK. Retelling that his first artwork was produced at the age of 7, Burdon demonstrates his early creativity. In 2006, Burdon moved to the United Kingdom and worked as an assistant for renowned artists and designers. There, he demonstrated his multifaceted artistic skills in digital and traditional mediums of expression.
    Burdon adopted the alias Whatshisname after reflecting on the difficulty of often remembering other artists’ names and thus inquiring “What’s his name?” On the other hand, he found inspiration in the band Green Day’s song “Whatshername”. In addition, Burdon comments his art aims to motivate the viewer to perceive the world around. Not to mention that he does it through an unorthodox and derisive lense. Moreover, the artist manages to use his art as a much more eloquent.
    Whatshisname art is able to express what words come short when describing.


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