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Van Gogh Cypresses Wallet - Met Museum - Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889)

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About Van Gogh Cypresses Wallet - Met Museum - Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889)

Organize cash, cards, and more with this unique Met Museum leather Van Gogh Cypresses Wallet featuring the Dutch Post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh’s work Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889) made during late June of 1889 found at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. A later version of the same landscape with cypresses is found at the National Gallery of London and it was made in September 1889. Wheat Field with Cypresses demonstrates his interest in capturing the beauty of the towering cypress trees found around the Saint-Rémy Asylum where he was interned after a self-mutilation episode, years prior to his death. Wheat Field with Cypresses also captures Van Gogh’s knowledge of the traditional Dutch artistic tradition of landscape painting, as well as the divisionist brushwork found in other post-impressionist artists, such as Georges Seurat and others. While evidencing the artistic influences the artist received, Wheat Field with Cypresses manifests the individual characteristic style of Van Gogh through the vibrancy in his color palette, and rapid-loose brushwork expressed in dashes of paint. Van Gogh later made another smaller version of the painting intended as a gift for his mother and sister. Details on LOQI Van Gogh Tote Bag Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889): 

  • Dimensions (est): 8''H x 4''L x 2"W
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Material: Leather
  • Original Artwork: Van Gogh, Vincent. Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889). Oil on Canvas.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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Van Gogh
Van Gogh was a master painter who strongly influenced the abstract and Neo-expressionist who came after him. Originating from the Netherlands, he discovered Impressionist art while living in Paris and started to use the color and light. His work is well known for its beauty, emotion, and color, as well as its interesting viewpoints of mundane objects. Despite being extremely poor and generally unknown throughout his lifetime, Van Gogh is now one of the greatest Dutch painters.  He lived a life with emotional tension and madness, and he created his finest piece, Starry Night, inside an institution. Although the specter of mental illness haunted him throughout his adult life and created a habit of inflicting self-harm (such as the infamous severed ear), his work remained a testament to his genius. Van Gogh died at the age of only 37, due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His brother Theo would go on to distribute his work and cultivate his popularity.


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Van Gogh