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Mondrian Photo Frame (Medium) - Composition with red, yellow and blue (1930)

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About Mondrian Photo Frame (Medium) - Composition with red, yellow and blue (1930)

This decorative medium sized photo frame is featuring a painting of Piet Mondrian.

This hand-crafted; lacquered wood product is produced using the centuries old tradition of hand pouring several layers of lacquer. Each layer is individually hand polished taking several days, to create the unique, deep, rich finish which is impervious to heat and alcohol, The fine patina, created through this hand-crafted process, will give you years of enjoyment. Permission from the Mondrian Trust was acquired to create this piece of art.

This oil painting consists of geometric figures, in particular variations of squares and rectangles. The painting was born from the 'De Stijl' movement, one of the major modern movements focused on Neo-Plasticism and founded by Mondrian. The horizontal lines signify a sense of rest and calm, while the vertical lines communicate a sense of height. Working together as an overall piece, the lines create a sense of stability and solidarity. Mondrian was attempting to portray this sense of stability through his paintings and evoke feelings of an utopian society rather than face the instability of the world in its current state.

In his career and in his life Mondrian went through different phases. He started with classic landscape painting with a realist style and refined portraits with numerous details. Then in the search of his own style and true expression he was enlightened by simplicity. He re-found himself in a painting style based on essential shapes and basic colours. This would turn out to be the peak of his artist career and what he eventually became famous for. He decided to strip down his style from all unnecessary addition and artefacts. In his quest for purity he started to work on compositions only built with primary colors and geometric lines. This new minimalist approach was to him the best representation of aesthetics.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 8"x 7"x 3"
  • Holds 4"x 6" Photo
  • © Piet Mondrian Composition with red, yellow and blue" (1930).


Mondrian was a Dutch painter, widely regarded as the founder of Modern art. The Bauhaus immediately referenced his work when discussing his lines, simplified colors and aesthetical appeal. His work inspired the Minimalist movement as well as far-reached impacts across all kinds of modern and post-modern culture. Mondrian greatly contributed to the De Stijl art movement. He created a non-representational form recognized by its white ground, topped with a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors. One of his most famous compositions in this style is Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow. Mondrian believed that the composition of the most fundamental aspects of line and color was the total realization of true beauty. Painter’s work continues to have an immense impact on the development of modern art. Eventually, he influenced Art movements including the Bauhaus and Minimalism. He influenced the fashion designs of Yves Saint Laurent. He also inspired the design for the cover of The White Stripes 2000 album, De Stijl.


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