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Limited Edition

Richard Orlinski Wild Crocodile - Red (Edition of 500) - Chromed Resin Sculpture

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This large Orlinski Wild Crocodile red chromed resin sculpture by the French contemporary artist Richard Orlinski is representative of his concept Born Wild© which attempts to capture the common primal animalistic instincts were share with animals, sublimated in a beautiful work of art. Scientific studies demonstrated that the triune brain structure of humans consisting in the neocortex, the limbic system and the basal ganglia shares the latter with animals, also referred to as "reptilian brain." Understanding that the reptilian brain structure of the human mind hosts our intrinsic primal instincts, appropriately included in this Orlinski Wild Crocodile red sculpture in his Born Wild© collection. The wild and threatening power of the crocodile, suggested by its open mouth and fangs, is subdued to the hypnotizing polished chromed resin surface, the vibrant red color and the diamond-cut angles of this unique beautiful artwork.

Technical Specifications

  • Crocodile Red - Edition of 500
  • Material: Chromed Resin sculpture.
  • Length: 43.3 in (110 cm) est.
  • Limited Edition: No. 353/500
  • Richard Orlinski - Born Wild©
  • Orlinski


    From archaic instinct to a civilized emotion Richard Orlinski’s artistic purpose is to engage in making art accessible to all. Orlinski transforms negative emotions into positive vital impulses by drawing on wild animal imagery. Orlinski uses industrial materials such as resin and aluminum but also uses marble, stone, and bronze. He works only with contrasting or vibrant colors and he manages to exacerbate the brilliance and dullness of the materials.


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