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Brandalised Skateboard Triptych - Musart on Decks - Please Forgive Me

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We are thrilled to introduce Musart on Decks, our exclusive original collection at Musart Boutique. This collection showcases limited edition skateboard decks that display timeless art masterpieces, serving as a bridge between the rich history of art and the vibrant skateboarding culture. What sets us apart is that we offer these exceptional pieces at accessible prices.

As part of Musart on Decks, we are excited to present a limited edition of 100 Brandalised Skateboard Triptychs, inspired by the enigmatic street artist Banksy and his thought-provoking work titled "Please Forgive Me."

In 2010, Banksy created "Forgive Us Our Trespassing," an image that depicts a young boy kneeling in prayer, asking for forgiveness for defacing a wall. The artwork portrays an innocent boy wearing a baseball cap, presented in black and white. In front of him, a brush and a can of paint are visible. Through this piece, Banksy, represented by the boy, reveals his complex emotions as a graffiti artist. He acknowledges the concerns of those who view his work as vandalism, while simultaneously conveying that his intentions are ultimately good-natured.

Technical Specifications

  • Musart on Decks, Please Forgive Me, Triptych Limited edition of 100, Skateboard Deck Sets.
  • Material: 100% Canadian/American Maple wood.
  • Measurements Mellow Concave Skateboard set of 3: (Angles) Approx. 19.25º nose and 18.5º tail with a medium center concave. (Dimensions) 32″H x 8″L x 0.5″W Inches (est.)
  • Weight: 8.14 lbs (est)
  • Additional Features: Includes Skateboard Deck Display wall mounts (x 3).
  • Photo Credits: Brandalised
  • Banksy


    While to this day the person known as Banksy is yet to be identified, we can still understand and chart much of the person’s history and repertoire. Banksy began their artwork in 1990 as a freehand graffiti artist, under the umbrella Crew of the Bristol DryBreadZ. Inspired by a plethora of local street artists and interested in breaking into the underground scene, Banksy was heavily influenced by local talents such as the artists Nick Walker, Inkie, and 3D. Around this time and while tagging many areas around Bristol, Banksy met the photographer Steve Lazarides who would become Banksy’s agent. Lazarides would take this opportunity to sell Banksy’s art through his various channels. Utilizing these stencils for their artwork, Banksy has made numerous pieces that are scattered around the UK, all of which usually contain an anti-war, anti-establishment, or anti-capitalist message. Their work endures to this day, and Banksy continually presents their art around the world not only in street art form but also with galleries and exhibitions.


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